Welcome to the all new website!  I will be keeping you entertained here with short entries that tell the stories behind the journeys and photographs I have recently made.

My last outing was to the Owens Valley in eastern California, and Death Valley as well, in early March, 2020.  I was exposed to beautiful skies, rain, wind, and more wind.  But I did find a little good light.  And that is what it is all about.  Clouds were cooperating nicely. I came home with a few ‘keepers’.   I was in Lone Pine, CA when I checked in with the wife at home and was told that the world was coming to an end because of a microscopic germ, and that everything was closed and on lockdown.  I immediately checked my TP stash and I was good for a few more weeks there!  Personal distancing and non contact were now the name of the game.  That took a little while to sink in, since I was already adventuring in the expedition vehicle alone and in remote places devoid of other humans.  I felt pretty safe, and went on for a few more days until I realized that my wife was home alone and trying to figure out the new order of the world by herself.  So, I drove home after this 10 day leave to hole up with her and sanitize everything while getting comfortable wearing a face mask when we shopped, which is another story you already know about.

Yes, I’ve been to these locations a hundred times, but every time feels new and exciting as I wonder with anticipation what the next sunset and sunrise will be like and where I’ll be for it.  I never tire of that.  Here is an image from the middle of Death Valley as a storm was rolling in over some crusty mineral deposits on the surface.  Not easy or fun to hike over this terrain but the image was well worth the effort.

Until next time, wherever that might be….