Jeffrey Sipress Photography

Jeffrey Sipress creates passionate images of landscapes, nature, wildlife, industry and colorful scenes of life. Destinations range from Bodie to Death Valley, Utah and Ariziona to Africa and Canada. Mountains, deserts, ghost towns and wild places are his passion.

It was in 1975, when a friend loaned me his 35mm camera to play with one day. Something ‘clicked’, and my friend, after seeing my drugstore prints, wanted to just give me the camera but I quickly bought my own instead. Since then, I have formally studied the craft of image making, and have been creating exciting images of landscapes, nature, wildlife, people, industry, and the colorful scenes of life for 25 years. I’ve worked with large and medium format films, as well as with modern digital equipment. My destinations range from California to Africa, Utah to Death Valley, Canada to Cuba and more. I seek the fascination of the mountains, deserts, ghost towns and remote wildlife. From the hottest and coldest places on earth, things new and old, and pieces of the earth that are eternally amazing, I search for the elusive combination of light and subject that are dramatic and emotionally charged. I often feel that after my image is developed and produced, I am seeing it myself for the first time. It is a joy to share that experience with you.

My images have appeared in magazines, books, and calendars. My fine art prints are shown in numerous locations and galleries, and are permanent in many offices, homes and hospitals around the world.

I have some exciting photography adventures coming up. See my photo journal to learn more.

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